The UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance was established to help increase Latino homeownership and wealth-building opportunities. The UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance has been a HUD-funded housing counseling intermediary since 1997, providing services to Latino and low-income individuals and families in communities across the nation.

Since then, the UUSHFE has:
  • Provided more than 850,000 households with housing counseling services
  • Provided more than 434,000 households with one-on-one counseling
  • Helped more than 33,000 individuals and families become new homeowners
Our Affiliates
The success of our network relies on the dedication and perseverance of many people who are passionate about their cause. The UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance is made up of more than 50 independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. Large or small, these groups are dedicated to providing vital housing counseling and education services to Latino and underserved individuals and families within their communities. As demand grows, so must our counseling efforts.

Our affiliate organizations provide pre- and post-purchase counseling, mortgage delinquency and foreclosure prevention counseling, as well as financial literacy, rental, disaster, and homeless counseling services that help build a more stable and productive community for all. Counselors are important independent advocates who work with their clients and with representatives of financial institutions to reach satisfactory outcomes whenever possible. Many individuals may need or choose to utilize these services over the long-term, and results are tracked and reported to HUD on a regular basis.

Membership in the UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance offers many benefits for housing counseling agencies providing services to Latino and underserved families and individuals within their communities. Each of our affiliated organizations has the power of UnidosUS policy and advocacy efforts, the expert guidance and stewardship of the UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance, and the professional training and certification provided by the UnidosUS Learning Alliance behind them every step of the way. As a HUD-Funded and Approved housing counseling intermediary, the UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance distributes its HUD grants annually to its affiliated agencies and provides the support and guidance necessary to maintain HUD compliance. These affordable program options utilize experienced housing counseling professionals to review agency program offerings in regard to compliance issues. Technical assistance promotes best practices and efficiencies in workflow, reporting and other organizational responsibilities.




The UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance engages in a variety of programs to support our network of Affiliates, helping them maximize the resources and outreach efforts. By leveraging the national reach of our affiliate network, we engage HUD and other partners to maximize federal and private funding sources for our Affiliate network while assisting agencies with grant administration, quality control and invoicing process of these grants. The UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance also has national fee for service and grant relationships with banks like OCWEN, Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo and Citibank that allow us to get funded counseling opportunities out to our affiliates.





The UnidosUS Wealth and Housing Alliance can also provide financial health and operational assessment of agencies to identify and recommend opportunities for the organization to build strong capacity and improve its performance. We help you with a variety of metrics including measuring capacity, quality of work assessments, production improvement recommendations, compliance review, and delivery efficiencies. All recommendations are based on best practices, and in compliance with industry rules and regulations. Technical assistance plans are formulated around these processes and procedures with numerous hours invested with each Affiliate agency and are deployed through a variety of methods including in-person, via Skype, and by telephone.Are you interested in the UnidosUS Wealth and Housing AllianceClick below to see how you can partner with us.




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